To consolidate Kitabi Achievements, mobilise all old boys and well-wishers through social, economic and political platforms in order to enable self-sustainance of individual members.


To reconnect with our high school contemporaries and know where they are and their value addition to humanity, reach out to everyone with an attachment to Kitabi Seminary.


This old boys’ online platform is specifically designed to help Association members showcase/market their businesses as well as reconnect with classmates and friends. All Kitabi Seminary Old boys who wish to associate themselves with the Association are required to Register.
Fr.Barth Reunion and celebrationDormitory block for O'level2004|3 class at the celebrationsThe chapelthe kisoba committee | 2013-2015#htmlcaptionThe retreat houseSporting grounds


We are Kitabi Seminary Old Boys, we associate with each    other as family because of the great values instilled in us:       to love and respect each other as leaders and christians.

Be proud to join the community that embraces the good of             Kitabi Seminary, the home that cares.


Monthly mass

Sunday 11th October, 2015
Kisoba family shall have the monthly mass on Sunday 11/10 at city star building, namuwongo.

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